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4th of July in Tricolore Land


It’s the 4th of July and friends back in the States are celebrating with a long weekend, fireworks, barbeques and beach fires. Here in Milano, I’ve got my eyes open for SOME nod to the U.S. In the land of “il tricolore“, the Italian flag of green, white and red, I’m looking for a splash of Old Glory, the red, white and blue.

Seen ALL OVER town are the Passo Carrabile signs, instructing people not to block passage. With the classic red circle and diagonal stripe, these signs provide an omnipresent red, white and blue splash.

As I’m out-and-about today, I will keep my eyes open and attentive for the nod westward.




  1. Mary EllenJuly 4,09

    Love the red, white and blue…Italian style. Perfect way to start our holiday. saved it as my background today!

  2. janetJuly 5,09

    FYI, tu casa in america still standing after an evening of merriment and pyrotechnics at 3TP! lucia

    see BTB for parade yesterday and soon to come 4th fireworks.

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