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A Phone in Italian

There’s nothing like buying a new cell phone, in Italy. Just shopping for one was hard enough without a language in common with the sales person. Now I’ve bought one and the manual is in Italian and the phone is in Italian! Setting it up is a trick. My reading comprehension is pretty good, but this is a very specific vocabulary.

… so I just downloaded the manual in English. Some things I just don’t want to challenge me!
It was bad enough when, for “fun” I switched my iPhone to Italian and THAT phone I know!
Now and then I do need a break from the challenge. Maybe the intensity has added to my sleepiness. Maybe it’s not all jet lag!
(So, I didn’t go back to Mr. Impatient. I went to a bigger store. They actually let me handle the phones AND pick my phone number! I got a quad-band so I can use it in the States or anywhere else, when traveling.)
  1. JanJuly 6,09

    On the cell phone/language front, it turns out, most of the phones are multi-lingual these days. My sister somehow switched her new cell phone to all Spanish/all the time, and then had to get tech services to help her get it back to english! Then I started poking around, and switched all of the home phones to French–husband didn’t appreciate that too much either!

  2. MaureenJuly 6,09

    Hi Jan! Yes, I could have left it in Italian just to push myself a bit, but I’m stretching pretty far these days as it is. Many of the terms on my phone, in Italian, I could figure out, but not enough to get it back to English. So I went online and downloaded a manual. That way I can make full use of this phone. Whew.

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