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A Question of Perspective

My house in Seattle is a mansion. My living room here is as big as my whole apartment in Milan. All of this space for one person?

Really, it’s just a two-bedroom, 1950s rambler with a basement and a great yard. But after almost a year in Milan, my house seems enormous. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had an American mega-mansion.

I arrived in Seattle two days ago for a couple of weeks seeing family, friends and clients. The days have been sunny, but cool, starting at 40 degrees in the mornings; it feels brisk after 77 degrees and humid.

It’s incredibly quiet, the only noise coming from the chorus of robins singing throughout the neighborhood. A sunny, still afternoon spent sitting on the front porch looking out to the water is a balm to my soul. What a treasure.

It’s good to be home, and I look forward to my final return at the end of July. But it won’t be without some wistfulness about the people and flavors I’ll be leaving behind.

  1. lynnMay 10,10

    You arrived to a couple of days of glorious sun! The Northwest at its most gorgeous. Today its raining, just so you know you’re in Seattle.

    Glad to have you back, for short or long.

  2. fritzMay 16,10

    That is such a beautiful garden. A perfect time of year to return. One really forgets what it is like to live with those spectacular, tall evergreens.

  3. MaureenMay 17,10

    It smells good here. The air is crisp and clean. And the saltwater scent is absolute heaven. To be surrounded by such garden and woods, while being so close to town is a treasure.

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