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Blogging On

Just because I’ve returned to Seattle, will my blog come to a halt? No.

There’s still more to say. I have more mulling over to do. Comparisons to draw. Reflections to note… And having shot 16,314 photos in my close-to-14 months in Italy, I have more images to share.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, but do keep checking back now and then. I’ll be adding posts about Seattle, too. Next week I’m being taken on a personal tour: “100 Amazing and Bizarre Sights in Seattle”. As a native Seattleite, I want to see this city with the same wonderment and freshness I reveled in while exploring Italy.

  1. tberendAugust 2,10

    great news that your blog will continue. you have a terrific eye for details that the rest of us just walk past.

  2. MaureenAugust 3,10

    Thanks, Tom. That’s nice to hear. “Observation” must be my middle name. Glad you enjoy the blog.

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