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Caught Him!

Ahhh! Number 6! Mr. Orange Pants caught my attention and I grabbed my camera. Got one full body shot of him in his blue, pinstripe shirt and off-white linen jacket before he stepped into his PINK Smart car.




  1. DonJuly 23,09

    Maureen, Is stalking a criminal offense in Milano? If so, better watch it… Don

  2. JosefinaJuly 23,09

    L’anno scorso era di moda il “purple” in tutte le sue tonalita’, ho visto tanti uomini vestiti dalla testa ai piedi, letteralmente, in quel colore. Questi italiani … adorabili!

  3. DonJuly 24,09

    M, I saw Hillary Clinton on TV today dressed in an orange pants suit… D

  4. DadJuly 25,09

    Nice shot of the stern of the guy and with one foot lifted; Good “pose”. Nice going Maureen with slow shutter speed.

    This story reminds me of Bill Cunningham the photographer for the New York Times who Fritz steered me to. He photographs people’s dress on upper Fifth Ave. New York. By the way Fritz, in the March 16 issue of New Yorker Magazine there was another good article about him.

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