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Città di Castello

Our first stop on our road trip through Umbria, the region landlocked in the middle of Italy: Città di Castello – City of the Castle. Which “castle” they’re referring to, I’m not quite sure, although the Palazzo Vitelli, built in 1500, sure adds grandeur and beautiful open space to the historic center of town.

Citta di Castello offers visitors the many marvels they most seek in Italy, but without the throngs of tourists: winding, narrow, cobbled streets day and night, regional Umbrian meals such as black truffle-topped fresh tagliatelle, and surroundings dense with history.

For a beautiful place to stay, contact Elisa at the Residenza Antica Canonica. The 15th century priests’ lodging is perfectly situated next to the Duomo, and the rooms are beautifully appointed.

In the morning stroll through town, find the local coffee shop and the produce vendor for some fruit and vegetables to carry with you as you continue on your travels.


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