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MaureenPortraitMilanoI’ve been a designer for 40 years, focusing on graphics and the web. My clients come to me for identity systems/branding, packaging and promotional materials. And my techie, analytical brain makes me well-suited to web design and development.

A few years ago I thought: “Since I sit at my computer all day long, I might as well be sitting at my computer all day long IN ITALY!” I take advantage of technology and haul my computer and external hard drive to Milan for a period each year. I keep working right along and the only difference is that I’m 9 hours ahead of everyone. When it’s 9:00 in the morning in Seattle and people are getting into work, it’s 6:00 in the evening in Milan, and my “phone” starts ringing on my computer. 

Maureen Hoffmann

PHONE: 206-281-8146
(When I’m in Italy, my Seattle phone number
forwards to my computer at no added cost for the call.)



SKYPE: red.red.circle (Don’t forget the “dots”)

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