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MaureenPortraitMilanoI’ve been a designer for 40 years, focusing on graphics and the web. My clients come to me for identity systems/branding, packaging and promotional materials. And my techie, analytical brain makes me well-suited to web design and development.

A few years ago I thought: “Since I sit at my computer all day long, I might as well be sitting at my computer all day long IN ITALY!” I take advantage of technology and haul my computer and external hard drive to Milan for a period each year. I keep working right along and the only difference is that I’m 9 hours ahead of everyone. When it’s 9:00 in the morning in Seattle and people are getting into work, it’s 6:00 in the evening in Milan, and my “phone” starts ringing on my computer. 

Maureen Hoffmann

PHONE: 206-281-8146
(When I’m in Italy, my Seattle phone number
forwards to my computer at no added cost for the call.)



SKYPE: red.red.circle (Don’t forget the “dots”)

  1. bonnie priceAugust 10,15

    I fell in love with the SouthWest Pueblo Pottery paper collection….I let my 12 year old grandson put the pots together, and would really like to have more of your beautiful kits to offer the children. I am not a wholesaler, so would like to know where I can get these collections in a shop. (I also like your basket collection.)

    Lucky you, living in two of the great cities of the world!

    Thank you, Bonnie

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