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Extra Virgin

At almost  4 months’ time here (with a few side trips away) I have now gone through a one liter bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I just bought my second bottle. And by the way, even though I’ve eaten more meat (bresaola and prosciutto! Mmm) and cheese in the last 4 months than I have in decades, my cholesterol has dropped 30 points.

  1. fritzOctober 25,09

    We just got settled in our apartment here in New London. Unlike Old London (might be) the olive oils on sale here seem to come from the usual sources. Some from Italy some from Spain. We found a nice bottle from Napa, CA. at TJ Max. All I know about selecting one is, Extra Virgin and First Cold Pressing. When I think of Italy, olive oil is one thing that comes to mind. So I just have to know, what is it like to shop for a bottle of oil when living there? Are there stores that specialize in olive oil? There must be. Is that where you get yours? Did you buy the first liter and the second liter at the same place? Were they both the same oils or did your taste change in 4 months? I imagine that shopping for olive oil is similar to shopping for wine with each region having its own oil traits. And the variety of oils must cover a variety of uses. How has your knowledge of olive oil increased since locating in Italy? Fritz

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