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Figs in Prosciutto Jackets

The inspiration of living in Italy will likely continue on for a very long time. I recently split fresh figs and stuffed them with a wedge of goat cheese. I wound them with jackets of prosciutto slices and garnished them with young leaves of basil. The plate of appetizers disappeared in 30 seconds. Late-comers were out of luck.

When in Milano in late July, riding my bike alongside the canal, I passed many fig trees heavy with ripening fruit. I kept watching the progress, wondering if the figs would be ready before my departure on July 31. They weren’t. But at half-ripe, they were already twice the size of the the California figs I recently bought here.

Eating figs here in Seattle reminds me of eating figs for lunch with friends in Sanremo along the Italian Riviera in early July.

  1. lynnOctober 4,10

    Oh, it is good to see a new post on your blog! I’ve missed hearing about your life, Italy or otherwise.

    I just found out figs aggravate a skin condition I have… but too bad! Figs are only ripe for a few weeks a year, I am splurging on these delicious morsels, skin condition be da***ed. I suppose they would be even better with prosciutto, etc. but I can’t seem to leave them alone long enough to find out.

    Ahhh (crunch… that’s the seeds)

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