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What have I been having a hankerin’ for while I’ve been away?
What didn’t I find a substitute for to satisfy my yen?

White, sweet corn on the cob.

Salsa, avocado and cilantro.

Rosemary bread.

Convection-roasted, whole chicken.

Sea-salt pita chips.


Guess what I bought at the grocery store in the first couple of trips!

– – –

August 4 Update
For breakfast this morning, I had cajun scrambled eggs on rosemary toast with habanero mustard and American Mozzarella* cheese. Flavors I hadn’t had in a year.

*In my year-plus in Italy, I never saw the “mozzarella” I grew up with: that rubbery, dry, cream-colored cheese that Americans buy shrink-wrapped in a ball. Mozzarella in Italy is white, made of cow or buffalo milk, packaged floating in water, and bleeds fresh milk when it’s cut. Completely different foods!

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