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Home Away from Home in Milano

Stormy, wild wind and rain last night here in Milano. End of summer, early fall. But I arrived four days ago to a day that was fresh and bright and comfortable. The kind of day that makes one relax into the perfection of the moment. I had returned to my home-away-from-home.


This is the eighth year that I’ve made this “pilgrimage”, here to fill myself up with inspiration through a life so very much unlike that which I lead the rest of the year. Everything is different: my pace, my friends, my menu choices. Milano’s very urban surroundings yield proximity to everything, both an historic and contemporary built environment, the contrast of chaos and beauty. As a visual person, artist and designer, my eyes just can’t get enough of this place, this Italy. Details at every turn spark me. My time here in Italy, making Milano my home, adds to my perspective, shapes me and gives me something to take back to my Burien. I am so well-fed here, in all ways.

Eating Well


“Un caffè normale” – This is what you get if you order coffee. It’s the beginning of each day and the end of every meal.


Un caffè in an 1850’s cup.

Carlotta Cafè

The Carlotta Cafè has been a favorite of mine for the last 8 years.
They are dear people that I rush to see when I arrive.


Son, Erik, has learned the family recipes at the Carlotta Cafè, (named after his sister), and carves a whole, roasted pig for a large dinner party. Ninni, Erik’s father, stands in the background.


Insalata Tiepida di Piovra e Patate – Warm Salad of Octopus and Potatoes. My favorite! Fresh, marinated anchovies in the background.

Al Coniglio Bianco – The White Rabbit

A favorite, wonderful place along the Grand Canal – Naviglio Grande – owned by friend, Giampiero, and serving great food and wine: Al Coniglio Bianco.


Al Coniglio Bianco offers seating outside, along the canal, as well as within its intimate, cozy interior.


Foodstuffs gathered at Al Coniglio Bianco.


A large skillet of mussels, clams and scampi on paccheri pasta with a simple, fresh tomato sauce. (Frankie’s, in Burien, should take a lesson…)


After plucking shellfish and crustaceans in their lovely sauce, the napkin was rather soiled.

Al Pont de Ferr – “At the Iron Bridge”


A wonderful, and unusual, selection of breads on the table at Pont de Ferr.


Appetizers of a slider, stuff olive and patè morsel.


Risotto with pesto and green beans.


Tortelli with zabaglione and fresh peas.


Part of a mid-day snack: “Nervetti”, a pressed loaf of beef tendons, nerves and cartilage, prepared with onions. (I think it’d be good on pizza.)

Time with Friends


Painter friends along the canal: Luigi Marchesi, Loredano Rizzotti and Renato Giananti.


Renato, Loredano, Maureen


Dear Lara Bezzecchi lives along the canal.

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