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I Tour Milano with My Fingertips

Sabato 4 luglio • Saturday, July 4 
Journal Entry

Wandering Via Monte Napoleone… How will I survive here without my sewing machine? I might BURST! Jil Sander and Kenzo have such details. Insets. Glorious fine fabrics. Combinations. Sander is pared. Kenzo is playful. And they both do it damn well. I tour Milano with my fingertips, taking in every contrast in fiber, weave, knit. Exquisite. My dream of such fabric. I’d love to “go underground”, into seclusion with a good machine and just a fraction of the material I encounter here. I wouldn’t even know how to handle it (the fabric)… but give me a chance to try!

  1. LynnKJuly 10,09

    Knowing your passion, the investment in another machine would be so worth it. It seems the ultimate in waste to own two good sewing machines – but 1) you’ll be there for a year and surely get plenty of use out of it 2) you can buy used and when (if) you leave, sell for only slightly less than you paid 3) its your passion! A whole year in Milan without sewing! No! You can make this happen.

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