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Inspire the Construction Workers

JUST as they were on a crane removing this billboard ad for high-fashion lingerie, I was walking by with my camera and had mere moments to shoot. What will they put up next to keep the construction workers inspired?

This is a large, new complex being built at the north edge of town, right around the Garibaldi metro stop.

  1. patruMarch 19,10

    So the second sign is for new apartments? (residenze)? The model on the first one is much more inspiring I would think. What IS the green thing with two red jewels?

  2. MaureenMarch 19,10

    No. It’s the scantily-clad model on the billboard that I figured the workers would like. The second shot is just another one of the construction going up, but I liked the jewel graphic. It doesn’t SEEM like the new building is in the shape of that jewel, so I’m not sure how it relates, but I liked it visually. If they just wanted to communicate that it’s going to be a luxury, jewel-of-a-building, they chose an odd jewel form.

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