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Spending a large year in Italy was one of the best things I have done in and for my life. I went there wanting to have relationships and experiences, and to gather images. I did all of that in ways so immense and diverse that it is hardly to be believed. With the eyes of a designer and photographer, I opened myself wide to Italy and her people. I came away with 16,300 photos and left a part of myself there in exchange.

Most of the content on this site are my journal entries and stories about my time in Italy (plus a couple other trips, to Ireland and France). You’ll find just a fraction of the images I made of the many things that moved me.

This restaurant name in Seattle was early "confirmation" of my decision to go to Italy for a while.

Why Italy?

“Perché no?” Why not?

I spent five-and-a-half weeks traveling from Rome north in the Summer of 2008, and shot 5300 photos. I thought, “Hmm. I spend all day sitting in front of my computer. I could spend all day sitting in front of my computer in Italy!”

Plus, being single, self-employed, childless and healthy, I figured there was no reason NOT to go! There have been too many reminders lately that life is too short. I wanted as much LIFE in my life as possible!

So, in June 2009, I took off for Milano. I continued to do the design and consultation I had been doing for over 30 years. (So much is done by phone and e-mail anyway.) I also familiarized myself with NABA so that I could better represent the school to colleges and universities back in the States.

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