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Map of Italia

Here’s a general map of Italy – Italia. The country is comprised of 20 regions. I’ve been in or trained through 18 of them! Note the  cities/towns that I’ve visited. Milano is way up north, just over the hill from Switzerland and Austria. What a great jumping off point from which to explore other places!

How do Seattle and Milano compare in size?

Population: 608,660 (2018, from the City of Seattle web site).

Population: 1,363,000
Milano urban area is fifth largest in the European Union with an estimated population of 4,300,000 million. The CITY of Milano is the capital of the region of Lombardy – Lombardia – and of the PROVINCE of Milano.

Geography Lesson – Italian Cities 101
I have decided to use the Italian spelling of the city and town names. Some of them may be self-explanatory, and others not. When there’s a different English spelling, I’ll post the Italian/English name versions here for reference.

Milano – Milan
Venezia – Venice
Roma – Rome
Firenze – Florence
Napoli – Naples
Torino – Turin
Sicilia – Sicily

Map of places visited in Italy



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