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!@*#!! It’s Snowing!

It’s March. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and it’s snowing. Crap. I’m so ready for the Springtime that Seattle is having right now! Enough of this COLD!

My Seattle neighbors called the other day to tell me how much they’re enjoying looking out to the flowers blooming in my yard. Flowers? What flowers? It’s still winter here (except that the farmers and gardeners along the canal have been out preparing the soil for planting the last few, sunny days when I’ve been out for a ride.)


I think I’ll got out for a walk…

  1. lynnMarch 9,10

    We bragged too soon! From the Times today:

    “In Seattle, the temperature dropped to 28 degrees Monday night, tying a record set in 1956, according to the National Weather Service.

    Some areas around Puget Sound even reported a dusting of snow, said meteorologist Dennis D’Amico, but none of it stuck.”

    Brynn was ecstatic about the snow, although it was just a few flakes and the ground is far too warm for it to even think of sticking. Frost on the windshields this morning.

    None of this negates that the crocuses have been up for weeks, the cherries, magnolias, camellias are all going crazy, the grass is green. The Pacific NW is pretty terrific, even if I did have to put on my sweater again this morning.

  2. MaureenMarch 9,10

    I just spent 4 hours walking around getting snowflakes in my eyes. It was lovely, and better than sitting in my apartment at the computer. I’ve seen pussy willow catkins out, but that’s it for Springtime signs. Soon! (When summer rolls around we’ll be dreaming of the chill of winter.)

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