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Jackrabbit or Kangaroo?

Riding my bike along the canal today, I saw two jackrabbits loping through the now-mowed rapeseed field. These weren’t sweet, little bunny rabbits. They were the size of kangaroos! They were huge! I should have chased them through the field with my camera. My mind’s eye is still disbelieving.

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27 Giugno – June 27

I was told yesterday that the animals are “lepre“, hares. I saw a small one yesterday two feet away at the edge of the bike path. It was only a quarter the size of those I had seen earlier.

  1. patruJune 18,10

    So no point trying to scroll down looking for a photo!! :-)

  2. MaureenJune 18,10

    Sorry. IF I see them again, I’ll stop, grab my camera and shoot SOMETHING. Even a blur would be fine.

  3. DebbieMarch 16,14

    I have seen these too. You didn’t say what city or location you saw them in. I saw them in Carrollton, Texas (Dallas) under a power line easement. As it loped across the busy street (Midway and Beltline where the old CompUSA used to be) I thought I saw a kangaroo with rabbit ears – the ears alone were 12″ long, the size of the animal was 4 feet at the top of the skull. I called animal control who made a visit to shoo the rabbit out of the busy parking lot and back into the easement. They weren’t successful. They told me that this was no big deal as these creatures were plentiful and lived in the wilderness areas under the power lines. All I can say is, if someone hit one with their car it would have been no less traumatic than hitting a deer.
    The best I can find is an article in Wikipedia about wild north American hares (black tailed) with dimensions 1/3 the size. The length of the ears made up about 1/4 of the size of the rabbit. When I saw these rabbits 15 years ago, blogging and facebook was not popular. There are also very few nature photographers or hikers (let alone places to hike) in the Dallas area so I am not surprised no one has photographed them. I hiked for 12 years at the Spring Creek Nature Preserve in Garland, about 10 miles from Carrollton, and never saw more than tiny brown wild rabbits.

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