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Morning Desk, Evening Desk

“Let there be light.”
“Lights. Camera. Action.”
“Bring all the sun in.”

It made no sense to me that I was feeling forever sleepy, always time to take another nap… I’m way over jet lag. I’ve been sleeping well. Getting my exercise. Healthy and eating well. But I just couldn’t seem to wake up!

It dawned on me two days ago, so I rearranged the whole apartment. 

I NEEDED MORE LIGHT! I’m used to a whole window wall in front of my desk at home, flooding my eyes with light as it changes through the day and into evening. Here, I have a window facing east in the bedroom, the french doors facing west in the kitchen/living area, and a loft above the kitchen with no window at all. Since I’m on the first floor I’ve been keeping the white sheer curtains closed for privacy, but they also block the light that is available. Overall, it was very dark and subdued in here, very much like nap time!

When it occurred to me what I needed to do, I felt energized at the prospect of feeling energized! I now have a Morning Desk and an Evening Desk! I abandoned the loft and use it only for storage. The bedroom has been completely shuffled around, putting the two little twin beds adjacent, bringing shelving down from the loft, putting the table in front of the window and setting up my Morning Desk. In the kitchen/living room, I moved the table over in front of the french doors to create my Evening Desk.


Ahhh. Yesterday I spent the whole day at my Morning Desk, which actually works well into the early evening. I can watch the sun’s path up into the sky, then its eclipse for about 10 minutes as it moves behind the apartment building across the street. The white sheers are luminous in front of me. Come evening, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that the sunlight would hit the tall apartments across from me, and bounce right down to me here at my desk! Wow!


When the light had waned enough to warrant it, I moved in to work at the Evening Desk so I could make use of the band of fluorescents in the kitchen. (The light had already dimmed through the french doors.)

I’m awake again!

  1. JosefinaJuly 29,09

    Ti servirebbe un po’ di sole di Seattle(?)
    Oggi a mezzogiorno, Bellevue Phanton Lake, abbiamo avuto 103 gradi!!!

    Ma e’ semrpre cosi’ a luglio o soltanto perche quest’anno ho deciso di andare in vacanza ad agosto …?
    Un “caloroso” ciao

  2. Mark BenezraAugust 1,09

    Good idea Mo!

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