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No one to call from the duomo

Yesterday morning at 11:00 I came up out of the subway right in front of the magnificent duomo. Wow. Such a sight and it was great to be back again; I enjoyed it so much last year. It reminds me of a sandcastle that was built by dribbling wet sand down my fingertips.

But there was no one to call at 11:00 in the morning my time! It was 2:00 a.m. on the U.S. West Coast. There was no one with whom to share the excitement…

Duomo di Milano: Santa Maria Nascente

  1. PatruJune 20,09

    Wow. That’s gorgeous. And yes, we were asleep. :-(

  2. ConnieJune 20,09

    What a beautiful structure….yes, a perfect sandcastle! i just love it at night and the interior is equally stunning./Users/drcoz/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2009/Jun 20, 2009/DSC00223_2.jpg

  3. MarlyneJune 20,09

    I love your description of the duomo! I am really enjoying your pictures all that you are sharing! Waiting to find out what we get to see tomorrow!

  4. CarolineJune 20,09

    Hawaiian sand maybe? Definitely not east coast sand…too white! That’s beautiful.

  5. Mark BenezraAugust 1,09

    Beautiful, not much architecture like that here in the states.

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