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Number Seven, and Counting

Sitting at a restaurant in the Naviglio District (along the canal) I glanced out and saw “Number Seven” (man wearing orange pants). Grabbed my camera and set it on the window sill to get a couple of shots. The first one was a blur. Darn. But the couple and their little girl came back and lingered outside the restaurant window. My luck!



  1. janetJuly 26,09

    I think i’ll get a pair of those orange pants for Michele! NOT.


  2. DonJuly 28,09

    Maureen, You will be pleased to learn that I bought a pair of orange pants today at Nordsroms. Well, sort of, they are knee-length and I look like some over-age NBA basketball player…It is impossible to buy shorter above-the-knee shorts! Don

  3. MaureenJuly 29,09

    Don, you’ll be Orange Number Nine! Congratulations on stepping out there. You’re right up with the current Milanese trend. What’s up for next year? Any ideas? (I know someone here that’s a trend forecaster. I could ask her and you could be way ahead of the times.)

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