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Oranges for a Lifetime

Yesterday morning I went to the local Saturday market on a mission: gather as many different citrus tissue wrappers as I could find. From each stall that had some of the paper-wrapped fruit, I bought two oranges, and mandarins if they were also wrapped. After cruising the whole market, I ended up toting home a lifetime’s supply of oranges, two heavy bags of citrus, plus a few wrapped pears.

At this time of year, most of the oranges seem to be the “Arance Tarocco, the blood orange. Some I’ve purchased have been a very deep purple in color, fading to a classic, clear orange hue. Gorgeous, tasty, sweet.

The papers are such a study in design and imagery. I think my favorite is the Formula 1 Ferrari race car with the quintessential black and white checkerboard pattern. (What does any of that have to do with oranges?)

  1. patruMarch 19,10

    WOW! Great wrappers.They are beautiful — and more of that European handwriting we talked about! There’s that “1”.

  2. MaureenMarch 19,10

    You should see the typographic reference shots I’m gathering here! Enough for a book. (Hmmm.)

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