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Ozmo Closeup

The “street art” – the graffiti and murals – around here keeps my fingers clicking. And I find imagery around any corner, behind, under and on top of other things. The back sides of billboards. The hard-to-access building facades. The posters on top of posters, then layered and peeling. I find brick coupled with print … coupled with sprayed and brushed paints. I find the work of one artist augmented by the work of another. (Does the first artist see it that way? Is it collaboration and enhancement, or is it violation?)

Ozmo Building

Turning a corner yesterday, the tall, bare wall facing an idle patch of dry, scruffy ground had been enlivened by an incredible mural of several styles. It excited me! I just love the black and white, line-drawn, classic figure against the colorful and imaginative characters. What fun! One of my favorites to date!

And, don’t you love this chair against the mural, bright white and linear as if it’s a 3D part of the painting itself?! It’s all too perfect.

Ozmo Chair

  1. Shelley BJune 25,09

    The chair is perfect.

  2. MaureenJune 25,09

    I LOVE that chair! And the scale of it and its whiteness is PERFECT against the pattern on the wall behind it! (Ahh, forever a designer.)

  3. ScottJune 29,09

    Wow! Thanks for sharing with us Maureen. This is FAB! Some real freaky graffiti

  4. janetJuly 1,09


    Belissimo. Grazie mille! j

  5. SharonJuly 4,09

    The first thing I noticed was that chair, and its stark white 3-D-ness against such a colorful mural. The mural itself is wonderful – such creativity!

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