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Packing for Paris

Packing for Paris. Leaving early in the morning and I’ll get there at about noon. It’s COLD there, and snow is predicted much of the week. A white Christmas is almost assured. I’ve been gathering all the warmest clothes I have or can find. I’ve even decide to take my gore-tex hiking boots. Not so “tres chic”, but neither is frostbite!

Here are notes from a couple of web sites:

“December in Paris is generally cold, and often rainy or icy. Temperatures approach or descend below zero. Snow is rare and when it does come it usually melts on hitting the ground, often turning into a sludgy slush that can be both irritating and dangerous to navigate without good traction on your shoes. Wind chill can make cold seem more biting.

  • Make sure to stock your suitcase with warm cotton or wool sweaters, scarves, coats, and socks. Bring at least one or two warm turtlenecks, and line your bags with clothes that are easy to layer.
  • A sturdy umbrella is a must, as flimsier ones often won’t withstand sudden downpours or gusts of wind.
  • Bring at least two pairs of shoes, both waterproof. One pair should provide good traction in case of snow or ice. Heels should be reserved for indoor events as the streets can be slick or icy. If your feet get cold easily, bring a pair of comfortable waterproof boots.
  • A pair of light waterproof gloves and a hat can make walking around more comfortable, but you won’t need anything approaching snow or ski gear. Places like New York and Chicago get much colder in the winter.
  • Toting around a small thermos for hot drinks can be a good way to keep motivated in the Paris winter wonderland.
  • One more word of advice on packing: since this is shopping season, you may want to think about packing as lightly as you can to reserve space in your suitcase for holiday delicacies or gifts you plan to bring back home.”


Average Weather in Paris for December
Sunlight 2 hours a day
Coldest daily temperature 2 Celsius
Warmest daily temperature 7 Celsius
Coldest December temperature -13 Celsius
Warmest December temperature 16 Celsius
Morning Humidity 91 percent
Evening Humidity 82 percent
Rain 51 mm a day
Wet days for December 15 days


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