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Prime View Apartment

Imagine having the apartment seen here and looking out your window every day to the mosaic of the three saints on the Basilica of San Simpliciano. (And San Alessandro at the right is looking directly into the window!) There’s also the gargoyle-laden capital at the top of the column just outside the apartment window. What a view.



  1. DadOctober 25,09

    Hi Maureen,

    What a great view and photo of the window. Is anywhere in Italia that doesn’t have a photo op?

    The night before last we had a very wild wind storm and lost power for an hour. But, we went to sleep anyhow and all is calm now.

    Love, Arlene and Dad

  2. MaureenOctober 25,09

    No Pop. It’s ALL photogenic. My eyes delight in being here and I never go anywhere without my camera. I’ve even photographed the garbage cans, and the men that work the garbage in their head-to-toe green uniforms. Art and design everywhere!

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