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Questions for You

Hi. Just a few questions for you about how you wander around on this blog site.

Do you use the search box? (Did you even notice that there IS one? It’s pretty subtle.)

Do you click on the “tags” in the “tag cloud” at the right on article pages (the jumbled pile of linked topic words)?

Do you click on the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 at the bottom right corner of the home page photo? (Do they show up for you? Do they link?)

Do you look at the “archive” at all, or just go down the list of articles at the left of the home page?

What DO you click on?

What’s most interesting to you?

  1. Marianne EverettSeptember 9,09

    Maureen –

    The fact that there is a search box didn’t register with me at all. So obviously I haven’t used it. :-)

    I also don’t use the tag cloud on the right.

    I usually just scroll down the page to see if there is a new posting. As I am kind of keeping up with this while you are writing it I don’t use the archive list at all.

    I will often check to see if additional comments have come in since I read the last posting. I haven’t found a slick way to do that though and I often will go to a comment more than once.


  2. MaureenSeptember 9,09

    Thanks, Marianne, for letting me know. I may make a bunch of changes and want the feedback before I do. I use a template that has most of the functions built-in. I can control some easily, but not all.

  3. LynnKSeptember 11,09

    As a frequent visitor, I look at the top few postings and read the one or two that are new to me. I remember when the site was newly reorganized and how much easier that made it! Having the photos with each posting is fun and a good visual clue. If an article does not show up in that column, I will miss it, as I assume all writing flows through there as well as being included in the tag cloud.

    On sites that I belatedly discover, I love being able to go through the archives, so I hope you’re not thinking of eliminating those. Also, I do use the search feature on other sites, although not yours since I’ve read every post.

    I have fooled around with the 1, 2, 3, 4,but don’t use them much since the title column on the left is so effective. They do link for me.

    Love the site! It works great for me as is. I’m sure any changes you make will be interesting and fun.

  4. MaureenSeptember 11,09

    Lynn, thanks for the feedback. It’s nice to know what people like and don’t like and how they look at the site. I appreciate your comments and will see you soon!

  5. DadSeptember 16,09

    Hi Maureen,

    A few comments about your web site:

    I use the picture with the entry to find “what’s new”.
    I never used the search box until this morning. It didn’t add to my experience.
    I don’t use the 1 through 5 numbers; I just read the whole entry.

    Love, Dad

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