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So hot I’m sweating in the middle of the night

Hand-sewn, vintage linen is not enough to help stay cool close to midnight on what was a 95-degree day with high humidity, now the windows closed up tight to keep the mosquitoes out, and a pair of fans pointing straight at me. Choose: be kept awake by the “I’m gonna get you” high whine of the mosquito aloft on fresh air, or the “I’m so hot I’m sweating in the middle of the night” whine amidst the white noise of fans. Nearing midnight, and facing eight hours of pondering the question, I really wrestle with the choice. Cool air sounds so good right now, but I spent all last night battling the little buggers that sampled me from head-to-toe. I could open the windows at any time. But, once open, if even one mosquito’s gotten in, it’s all over for the night’s sleep.

Five days ago the weather decisively did the switcheroo. Following coolly/warmly pleasant, we had a downpour that would have drenched you in 30 seconds. The next day, we awoke to dry pavement, humid air and a change… Summer came like that! Poof. Bingo. No going back… or not until fall sometime.

I may very well open the windows, turn the fans on high to – theoretically – blow the mosquitoes away from my body, and take cover under a cotton sheet and hope for the best. No air conditioning in this student apartment!

Buona notte.

Update: 4:00 a.m.
I wasn’t actually sleeping. The mosquitoes had won. So I got up. I’ll take a siesta later today.


  1. Lorraine AntonacchioJuly 29,15

    Not trying to sound accusatory but in your June 19th 2009 posting about the apartment, you mentioned it has air conditioning What happened since then? By the way I found your blog because I was looking up Scamorza affumicata. First time I have ever heard of this type of cheese as I was reading a CNN article about the best pizza places in the US and. Juliana’s in New York was number one and on their menu they have a specialty pizza with this cheese. I just love how when you look up something on the “interwebs” it leads you to something else! BTW, your apartment is fantastic and I wish you luck in your studies. I’ll have to read more of your blog!

    Lori. ¤¿¤

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