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So International

The other night, 8 of us were out to celebrate a birthday, having sparkling wine at the local hangout a block from NABA. Of the 8, 1 was from Singapore, 1 from New Zealand, 2 from Russia, 3 from Italy and me, from the United States. I love that the school is so international!

One of the 8 was the Interior Design Instructor, Francesco. He said that, from the past year’s Master’s Degree Program in Interior Design, there were 15 students representing 11 countries: Georgia, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Croatia, Iran, Jordan, Italy, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic and Pakistan. Francesco said “We are more diplomats” than simply students. He listed the many different religious/spiritual backgrounds represented in the classroom and spoke of the conversations they had in the midst of their Interior Design classes.

What a treasure to have the combination of international breadth and design strength. Where else can one find this?! It is energizing!

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