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Spezia Milano Pastries


Oh, the pastries! Each one an art piece and divine in the mouth. Each one could make me swoon.

Those pear-shaped, sponge-cake gems in the middle, with the cream centers… That cake is so saturated with some sort of lovely liquor that just picking up the pastry makes the potent liquid run down my fingers and into my palm. It was a shock the first time I bit into one!

This beautiful array is from Spezia Milano Pasticceria, just two blocks from home and tucked in behind a gas station (of all places!). It’s easily missed, but since it’s reputed to be the best in the city, it’s NOT to be missed!

  1. PatruJuly 2,09

    I’ll take the banana ones! YUM!!!

  2. MaureenJuly 2,09

    A woman started coughing when she bit into one of those cocoa-dusted flaky pastries. You’ve got pastry flakes and dust, a perfect cough-inducer. Plus, it would probably cover the front of a person’s shirt after eating it. So call me chicken, but I went for liquor running down my hand instead of coughing chocolate powder.

  3. JulieJuly 2,09

    Each one is too beautiful to eat! But I would try.

  4. PaoloSeptember 17,09

    :) I’m the son of the owner of this pastry shop and I only wanted to thank You for the compliments… It was really great to find it here!
    Hope to see You soon, greetings 😉

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