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Stone Heaven: Giant’s Causeway

At the far edge of Northern Ireland, jutting toward the north Athlantic along the Antrim Coast, the Giant’s Causeway is a heaven of columnar basalt. (As a rock fiend, I swooned.) The Causeway Head starts at a high point and sweeps down into the Atlantic tides, allowing stair-stepped exploration, yet daring visitors to test their courage at the water’s edge. (The dangers are real. The slippery rocks and crashing waters claim someone every year.)

My biggest question was “How can I get one of these rocks home to my yard?”











  1. Evie HammerAugust 23,09

    The rocks, Maureen, are Andy Goldsworthy-worthy. Love them!

  2. DadAugust 23,09

    Swell pics Maureen. When you decide how to get a pillar home, we can saw it in half and I’ll buy a half for Warm Beach

    Love, Dad

  3. LynnKSeptember 3,09

    These are truly amazing photos! I never imagined such a place existed. There are warmly similar to our familiar Columbia River Basalt, but in amazing profusion. Definitely worth a pilgrimage to see. And of course, I’m laughing that you already have one behind your back door for a bird bath.

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