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“Trad Night” in Cardonagh, Ireland

2:00 a.m. Just back from the pub, “The Persian Bar” in Carndonagh, Ireland, in Inishowen, the northernmost region of County Donegal, in the Republic of Ireland . THIS is why people come to Ireland and THIS is what they hope to find! Wednesday night at The Persian is “Trad Night”, the night of traditional music. Six or seven random musicians showed up and filled the room with music from their harp, tin whistle, guitar, accordion, fiddle, and banjo. They sang ballads, folk songs, American classics …and accompanied some “recitations”, (readings of traditional, ballad-style poems).

The Guinness flowed freely and the place was packed with patrons, 17 – 70. This was not a tourist show, as would be found in the big city hubs. This was just the locals getting together to have some fun and pass a rainy, Wednesday evening.

I shot many photos, handheld, adjusted for the dark pub lighting, but my camera card reader is at “the house” where I’m staying, and I will likely just stay here tonight. …And so, post more later. But I will fall asleep pleased. Tonight’s gathering embodied what I’ve always heard of Ireland (following a full day of neighborly comings and goings).

Tomorrow, we have more exploration to do. (“Giant’s Causeway”. Google THAT!) Hmm. Who knows when I’ll have a chance to sit inside the house, download photos and post to this blog… Hmm. Who cares?

  1. PatruAugust 20,09

    I DID Google “Giant’s Causeway.” Never heard of it. WOW. The pics are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what YOUR eye sees behind the camera lens. I’m with you — I don’t think I would sit in the hotel room uploading pics (even though we are all anxious to see some) while you have things like “Giant’s Causeway” to explore. Travel safe. Love you.

  2. Marianne EverettAugust 20,09

    There used to be an Irish pub in Renton called the Giant’s Causeway… named after THE Giant’s Causeway.

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