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Turgid Toes

I just took my shoes off as it approaches midnight and I have turgid, little, sausage toes! It’s still 81 degrees out on these 90+ degree days and I’m so grateful for the invention of air conditioning. (I know that everyone in Seattle these days would love to have the opportunity to have turgid sausage toes from heat! But remember last summer?!)

I just returned from San Remo on the Italian Riviera (I know, that sounds so high-fallutin’) and it was hot and humid there, too. For being peak tourist town, the streets were surprisingly empty. Actually, not surprising at all. The shoreline is wall-to-wall beach umbrellas with bodies sprawled out underneath them. Come evening, the town will be hopping with all those bodies seeking food and entertainment.

In the meantime, now back in Milano, I’ll get some sleep and hope that my feet fit into my shoes by morning.

  1. patruJuly 8,10

    Maybe before you leave you can have a high-fallutin’ Italian pedicure and come back sporting cute little sausage toes!

  2. MaureenJuly 8,10

    It would take a lot to make these toes cute!

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