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Where are the eggs?

“Excuse me. Where are the eggs?” On my first grocery shopping trip last June, I searched all over the refrigerator section of the store to find the eggs. Where were they?! I finally asked, and was directed to the shelf across from the cereal, below the scotch tape and coffee maker parts, next to the milk and cookies.

Hmm. Curious. And they’re packaged in twos, fours and sixes. Also curious. Who needs to learn what from whom in this regard?

  1. lynnMarch 9,10

    Even unrefrigerated, eggs will keep for quite a while. If the shells are sealed, they can be stored for months. I suspect eggs were sold in smaller quantities before refrigeration was common. Probably a switch was never made to the fridge, and in fact why bother if your two eggs will be used up in the next week or two.

    It would be interesting – and important- to check the expiration dates!

    Also – milk on the shelves? Not refrigerated?

    (Some Saudi visitors of mine were amazed to see milk in the refrigerator. Over there, it is only available powdered.)

  2. patruMarch 9,10

    They probably come to our Safeway and look for eggs in the “office supply” aisle! haha!

  3. MaureenMarch 9,10

    One of the hard things about shopping in the first few months after arrival is figuring out where to find things: either which store, or where in the store. I walk into all sorts of stores just to “take inventory” and make a mental note for later of where to find “X” item. “Megastores” do exist here, but not IN the city and not within easy access for me without a car. I DID ride my bike to the mall along the canal last Fall, needing a new floor stand towel rack. I strapped it onto the back of my bike and rode home! That was a sight!

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