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Pinch me. Am I dreaming? My apartment is located about 2.2 miles south-southwest of the duomo, pretty darn close to the center of town.

Milano Kitchen and Loft

Who could ask for more? Fourteen foot ceilings. Hardwood floors. A living/dining area with cozy red couch and ottoman. And a kitchen space with, from left to right: freezer, fridge, utensil drawers, clothes washer, gas range, dishwasher and sink. Storage cabinet and on-demand water heater sit just under the loft floor.

And air conditioning!

An alternate-foot spiral staircase takes me up to my office loft, and makes it clear to me that I usually lead off with the other foot, but must retrain myself. Start with the left!

Milano Bedroom

The bedroom has two twin beds (uh-oh! Room for out-of-town guests!) and extensive armoir storage with a step-in closet section. 

Milano Bathroom

My bathroom is tiled in aqua (Grandma’s favorite color) and gives me all the amenities necessary.

  1. DonJune 19,09

    In the military, one always steps off with the left foot. Great apartment!

  2. Marianne EverettJune 19,09

    silly question ( I know!) what is the square footage of your apartment? I’m looking at spaces.

  3. MarlyneJune 19,09

    L’appartamento è fantastico! Scrivi più quando hai tempo. Due letti, perfetto visitare :)

    Ciao, Ciao,


  4. MaureenJune 19,09

    Yes Don, but I realize that I usually start UP with the right, and DOWN with the left. Now I have to very consciously think about it, especially before coming down!

    And, Marianne, I don’t know the square footage, although at one point the number 700 was tossed out there… It’s plenty for now.

  5. ConnieJune 20,09

    wow, Mo……you scored a great pad, there. looks like you have everything that you need…..not sure about the twin beds though. i would join them, add an appropriate-sized (king?) pad/mattress cover and voila….!

  6. MaureenJune 20,09

    I agree about the skinny little twin beds. Those are leftovers from this being a student apartment. I’ll see what I can do about either moving them together or just getting a bigger bed. I like a little more room for sleeping! Stretching out!

  7. Marianne EverettJune 22,09

    I had to print off the picture of your apartment. I love the lofted office with the spiral staircase leading up to it.

  8. KBJune 22,09

    Mo, your new apartment looks so welcoming and comfortable…what a great space to come home to!

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