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Canal Flea-Market Purchases

The original plan was to head to Firenze for the day (!), but I caught a short, quick cold Friday night and couldn’t dare think of hopping on the train this morning. (I could hardly get out of bed!) After eventually getting up-and-at-em, I dragged myself up to the Naviglio Grande, knowing they were having their monthly Antiques Market. “OK, fine. I’ll go there instead.”

Glad I did! I found some wonderful things. I’m enthralled with old penmanship and typography, fabric and sewing notions, curious boxes and just plain cool things. Here’s my day’s assortment:

Old post cards, religious medals and pen nibs.

I selected a pencil drawing from 1888, an old travel journal from 1961, report cards from 1907+, a cheese sign, decorative cloth tape, “money substitute papers” from the Comune di Varese from 1926 and some hat forms from Genova.

A bundle of 100-year-old postcards and a Superman school journal from 1980 were included in my day’s treasures. (1980 was 30 years ago! Wow.)

  1. patruApril 26,10

    What are the cool figurines in the top photo? I love those! What are they made of?

  2. MaureenApril 27,10

    Those are “milagros” like they have in Mexico, Spain and other countries. They are simply sheets of metal stamped with the form of the woman and man. I don’t think they’re silver, but they take on a patina like silver does.

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