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Christmas Eve Dinner

What was for dinner on Christmas Eve in Paris? Fast food, Parisian-style!

From my journal yesterday:

5:30 P.M. Christmas Eve, Paris.
I’m eating in my hotel room, after spending all afternoon at Musée D’Orsay absorbing the impressionists and Art Nouveau and before heading to Notre Dame for Midnight Mass. At the Maubert-Mutualité exit for the metro, there’s a charcuterie, fromagerie, boulangerie and wine shop that I stopped at to buy dinner. The ultimate “fast food”! On tonight’s menu, (eaten in my room with Christmas music on “shuffle” on iTunes on my laptop):

– Escargots in puff pastry with garlic herb butter. 3 pieces for 3,00 €
– Foie gras roll with pistachios. 1 slice for 3,40 €
– A sort of Chevre cheese, donut-shaped and very moldy. 6,80 €
– Flan de Legumes (with broccoli). 3,80 €
– Puff pastry rounds, (eggy and moist). 4 small pieces 1,30 €
– Bordeaux. (1/2 bottle remaining from before). 4,50 €

(With today’s exchange rate, that’s about $33.00, but I figured that was fine for my Christmas dinner.)

…and it was delicious.




  1. patruDecember 26,09

    If it weren’t for that small bit of broccoli, or the garnish on the puff pastry, I would have thought you’d lost your mind — where is the GREEN in Maureen’s meal?!? Pretty rare for you to eat just yellow! :-)

  2. MaureenDecember 26,09

    But there was no “legumerie” next door! I was looking for veggie something or other. There is a fruit stand next door to the “poissonerie” (fish market), and I’ve bought apples and pears, but from the streetside sellers, veggies are hard to come by.

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