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G8 Graphics

Posters of the G8 participants have been in all of the subway stations, during the time leading up to the G8 Summit that was held in L’Aquila this last week. These were on rotating displays, that changed every few seconds. At one moment, I caught a glimpse of Obama displayed next to Berlusconi, and it seemed Barack was looking askance at Silvio, who was looking away. I had to wait for the display to cycle through and the two images to be side-by-side again.

G8 - Obama Berlusconi


“The main issues that the world’s eight leading countries addressed were: La crisi economica internazionale e le crisi regionali (The international economic crisis and regional crises), la sicurezza alimentare (food safety and security), la lotta ai cambiamenti climatici (the struggle against climate changes), and la liberalizzazione del commercio mondiale (the deregulation of world trade).”

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