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Head Wind

With reports of 103 degrees in Seattle (!) I’ve been relieved that it’s “only” been in the upper 80s and lower 90s here in Milano. Both the weather report and the sky this morning spoke of coming rain, so I headed out early for a bike ride along the canal. The coming rain storm has been pushing a breeze all day, and gave me a head wind that prompted me to shift gears as if I were going up a small hill.

The usual fishermen were out trying to pull dinner out of the slow water with their long poles and long faces. Only occasionally will they smile as I ride by.

My new view of “sexy” and “macho” is a man decked out in serious bike gear: snug lycra printed with bold graphics, an aero helmet, gloves, and a crouch over a speeding, techie bike. Sweet! The athleticism stirs my imagination.

  1. PatruJuly 31,09

    And no picture of THAT??? 😉 (The sexy, macho biker man — not the fisherman in the water, well, unless they are sexy and macho too!)

  2. MaureenJuly 31,09

    Some morning I’ll have to go sit on one of the park benches along the canal and wait for the morning bikers. Or, I could stand in the middle of the path and shoot images as they ride toward and around me. That would be a great shot or two! These guys are fast, though! I’ll have to be just as quick.

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