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Hooded Crow

The ubiquitous crow comes in a different color pattern here. These birds are often in the fields and grassy areas either along the canal or in the city parks. I was intrigued by their standard crow-shape with what is for me a non-standard, gray-brown collar and apron. It’s the Hooded Crow, Corvus cornix.


Since these crows are hard to get close to and I don’t have a better camera for bird-watching, I found this image on the web by Lars Kapelrud in Norway. Lars was kind enough to let me post this photo. If you’d like to see more of his MANY great bird shots, check out his site:  http://www.bird-view.org/?lang=en

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  1. DonAugust 17,09

    Maureen, You could never convince Edgar Allen Poe that this is a crow! Don

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