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Jackrabbits Like the Morning

Since it’s been so toasty here lately, I took my bike ride in the morning today, heading out from the house just after 8:00. When I got to the field that had been full of rapeseed and red poppies a while back, I saw FOUR jackrabbits out in the field! This time I stopped. I maxed out the zoom on my little camera and got a couple of images for all those that were disappointed earlier not to see the “jackrabbit kangaroos“. It’s hard to gauge their size in this photo, but these bunnies are BIG!

  1. patruJuly 9,10

    The length of their ears is half their body (looking at that left guy)! We had bunnies at our beach house — just sitting out in the yard. NOT as big as these guys though! I don’t suppose you’d call these guys “bunnies” anyway!

  2. MaureenJuly 9,10

    Nah. They’re not really “bunnies”. I still think they’re kangaroo half-breeds.

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