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Milano Cookies & Turkey Dogs

Heading back home to Milan, sitting at Sea-Tac awaiting the Seattle-London-Milan flights after a VERY crazy-busy, chuck-full two weeks here in Seattle. I had thought that some time here would be a break from the intensity of Milan. Ha! What was I thinking?! I need to go back to Italy to ease off a bit. First thing on the list: a bike ride!

On the flight coming out here, from Newark to Seattle, they served this snack, which seemed the perfect and laughable bridge between Italy and the U.S.: Milano Cookies and a Turkey Dog! So funny that I had to shoot it.


There was also an absolutely gorgeous skyscape out my window as we approached the west coast, no doubt enhanced by the fires in Oregon and California.


  1. KathyOctober 7,09

    It was wonderful to see you and catch up. I love that you’re going ‘home to Milan’ – home really is wherever we choose to be!

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