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Orange Pants

OK. I want all the men I know in the U.S. to go out and buy orange pants! I’ve seen 5 men in 5 days wearing orange pants. They’ve ranged from fluorescent bright to muted salmon. One guy was even toting an orange messenger bag to match. I haven’t been quick-on-the-draw with my camera, and didn’t realize it was a trend and fashion statement and that I’d be wanting photos. But after 5 guys, I’m going to keep my eyes open for blocks away and follow the next set of orange legs going down the road!

You could all be trend-setters in the U.S.! Tell people it’s what’s hip in Milan!

  1. DonJuly 21,09

    M, I have several orange shirts,but no orange pants! D

  2. MaureenJuly 21,09

    You trendsetter, you! Time to take the plunge and go head-to-toe, Don! We’ll see you coming (and going).

  3. DonJuly 21,09

    M, In some states prison inmates wear orange coveralls… D

  4. MaureenJuly 21,09

    …And I used to wear a pair of orange down coveralls to go fishing in the middle of winter.

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