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Out with The Girls

It’s been great fun to get to know the group of women from the schools here. Now and then, when a few of us are available, we’ll go out for aperitivi.

Here, from left to right, are:

  • Keryn, from Australia
  • Ashley, originally from the U.S. (but recently London)
  • Anna, from Iceland. Now her parents are in Norway.
  • Monica, from England
  • Meltem, from Turkey
  • Megan, from the U.S.

Later on, “Alex” and Anais arrived, both from France (seen at left, in the lower picture).

Community is created in many ways. I would recommend to anyone moving to a country with a different language, ATTEND A LANGUAGE SCHOOL UPON ARRIVAL! Classes provide social connection and language with which to step out into the community. It makes all the difference in the world.

  1. patruMarch 9,10

    Looks like you’ve been shopping! What’s in the bag?

  2. MaureenMarch 9,10

    Ahhh. Very observant, Pat. I photoshopped the logo off the bag in the photo. (ha ha ha.) I bought a Spring jacket, a sleeveless blouse and a light Summer dress. (All wishful thinking!)

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