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Parade of Fur

Gotta love these Italians. They had two national, Catholic holidays at the beginning of December. Then two weeks off for Christmas and New Years. Then, today is the Feast of the Epiphany, also a national holiday. (Italy is about 98% Catholic.) A lot of people took this whole week off since they were already on a two week break and why come back for two days, have one day off, and then come back for two more days before the weekend? Might as well extend the two weeks into three.

There was a parade through town for the Epiphany. Actually two parades: the official one of Magi and Wise Men, then the parade of older, Milanese women in their fur coats. I must have seen a thousand fur coats today. Boggling.

After rain, snow, cold and gray, the 45 degree day brought the crowds out. It seemed that this must be the traditional time to strut one’s fur. Amazing. I was more amused by playing sleuth photographer and people-watching than I was by the pageant of the “real” parade.

(I shudder at some of the faces of these women. Some look cold and hard.)

The furs were worn with argyle, cashmere and hand-knit. With fur hats and berets. There were full-length, knee-length, sporty-short, wraps and stoles. There were SO many women in furs, that it was comical, an exaggeration. Was anyone else noticing?

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fur8 fur4

fur9 fur12

fur10 fur11

fur13 fur14

fur15 fur16

fur17 fur18

fur19 fur21

fur22 fur20

fur23 fur24

fur25 fur26

fur27 fur28

fur30 fur31

fur32 fur34

fur35 fur36

fur37 fur38

fur39 fur40

  1. lynnJanuary 7,10

    I admit, I love fur coats! When I was growing up, we bought an abandoned house, filled with furniture, clothes-everything. Included was a fur coat that I delighted in wearing until it was damaged beyond repair. (I have since learned that care is required to keep the leather in good condition.)

    Fur coats are elegant, warm, comfy and soft. I wish they were more accepted here, because I’d love to wear one every day. Sigh…

  2. MaureenJanuary 7,10

    It’s not that I’m “anti-fur” and ready with my bucket of paint. It’s just that there were so MANY women in furs that it became an exaggerated caricature. It was comical to me!

    I mentioned the fur coats to someone else that had been at the Epiphany parade and he said “What fur coats?”


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