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Skype the Dog

We even skyped the dog, Sammy!


It was worth getting up at 6:45 for a 7:00 AM chat with my goofy friends from Junior High and High School! Skype me, baby! They were all together on the beach in West Seattle on their Friday night, at 10:00. We talked for an hour. I gave them a skype walking tour of my apartment and we just talked about the little things of getting settled in.

Fun to see their silly faces and recognize each voice in the background.



They had pulled in a bunch of crabs in the crab pot and had a feast on the beach. Even the crab got into the skype action.



skypekiss   skypegoodbye

Good, ole technology. (New technology!) It makes all these remote smiles possible!

  1. Mary EllenJuly 4,09

    Sammy the Skype Dog. New official name. So good to see you and your new home, Maureen. Larry is busy wiping the slobber off his screen this morning. Then more crabbing I’m sure.

  2. BetsyJuly 4,09

    Sorry I missed this. We’ve had family and friends going through SeaTac Airport enough that I’m thinking of opening up a branch parking service. But it is fun to see everyone. We are continuing to have a beautiful and dry summer. Makes up for last winter that was enough for me. Miss you but keeping up with you here. Love to you, Betsy

  3. SharonJuly 4,09

    Wait…who are all those goofy faces again?? Ahhh, how I love technology when it works like Skype! I’m so happy you could join our party, Maureen. I know I had a great time talking to you, and somehow you didn’t feel like you were halfway around the world…

    After we said Bueno Sera (spelling?) we all went down to the beach and sat by the bonfire and made s’mores. Not Italian pastry, but still yummy. One by one people drifted home, until just a few of the BPC was left. What a glorious night it was! The Sound was like glass save for a couple of freighters that chugged by and stirred up a wake. The big bright moon slung a sparkling path across the water. It was nice and cool too, which didn’t make it any easier to return to my hot apartment! Finally, Anne and Greg and I “closed the bar,” tore ourselves away and made our way home. It was truly another halcyon ev,ening here on Puget Sound.

  4. Debbie !July 9,09

    Hi Maureen!

    So VERY cool to ‘see’ you on that new (?) fangled skyscape or whatever it’s called! I’ll have to get me one of them!
    It was a GREAT night at Larrys and getting to ‘talk and see’ you was a bonus! Being half italian, I’m envious that you are in Italy! I LOVED Venice ! But hey, ANY place in Italy has got to be ALL good!
    I look forward to skyping with you in the future via Larrys laptop soon!
    You are truly missed by many people!
    Ciou missy !~

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