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Vinegar at 4:00 a.m.

My mosquito bites are driving me pazza! No, that doesn’t mean I feel like I’m covered with tomato sauce and cheese, but maybe that’s exactly the home remedy I need at 4 in the morning! Quick! Someone blog me your tried-and-true remedy. 

I have a friend that swears by vinegar, so I’ve been lying in bed for the last hour telling myself to get up and slather it on. Now I smell like red wine vinegar and still itch like hell. (Maybe balsamic would have done the trick?)

No farmacia open at this hour. No childhood-reminiscent, pink calamine lotion in the medicine cabinet. No cool Benadryl gel. Not even any baking soda to make a paste with. Maybe whiskey applied internally, but I don’t even have that.

Living a block away from the canal… having had that torrential downpour a week ago… riding along the canal and stopping to take pictures…oooo. The opportunities for mosquito bites have been many and those little buggers haven’t wasted any time!

I must have 100 bites. That means I could test drive 100 different bite-soothing remedies. Send me your ideas! (Winner gets the prize, and I might get some sleep.)

  1. DonJuly 13,09

    Maureen, Is there a danger of contracting malaria in the Milano area? I know there is farther south. Don

  2. MaureenJuly 13,09

    Here’s a “Global Disease Alert Map” tied in with Google Earth for pinpointing outbreaks of you-name-it:


  3. DonJuly 13,09

    M, Thanks for the great health map! No malaria in Italia, but watch out for the Italian Two-step… D

  4. Anne TrippJuly 13,09

    Papa Ron (my father in law) drove the Al-can hiway for 30 years and swears by vitamin B. Also Skin so Soft – who is your Milano Avon representative?

    I have great luck with a quality Dandelion Root, although I start taking it in March to ward off the pesky skeeters by June.

    Sorry for the irritation.

  5. LynnKJuly 14,09

    Brynn swears by “anti-itch cream” with 2% diphenhydramine and 0.1% zinc acetate. Its basically an anti-hystamine, and since its locally applied, it is effective immediately and it does not make you drowsy. Its the only thing we’ve ever had any luck with, after the fact.

    If given a choice, ‘skeeters would usually rather bite someone other than me. My family has many choice comments about why that is, but my explanation is vitamin B.

    Good luck keeping away from the little rascals. We forget how luck we are to be almost bug-free in WA.

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