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Winter Goes Grudgingly

Winter has been long and gray and holding tight, unwilling to give way. But it’s late March now, and winter goes grudgingly, allowing spring to tip toe in.

It’s rained much of this last week, and I haven’t been out on two wheels for too long. So in spite of forecast rain and the questionable sky, I suited up and headed canalside.

It was a thrill to see signs of spring at last. Cherry blossoms. Forsythia. Wildflowers in the grass. I heard the birds singing in the trees and saw a highly-colored cock pheasant in the grass along the feeder creek. The willow catkins have burst and hang long. Trees and shrubs are leafing out. And I caught a whiff of something fragrant.

At long last. We have all certainly earned our springtime here.

  1. patruMarch 25,10

    Beautiful flowers. Are those native to Italy? The rhodies are out here in Seattle. A bright red bush next to my parking spot at school. Reminds me of home — of mom.

  2. MaureenMarch 26,10

    Well, they’re just forsythia, cherry tree blossoms and those teeny little blue flowers that grow in the grass. Native? Oh… I don’t know. Where IS forsythia native to?

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